cold weather tips


Utilizing the following tips will help to insure the well-being and performance of your condominium during the winter season.


  • Make sure all windows and sliders are closed tightly.

  • Minimize drafts with closed window dressings.

  • Close damper when fireplace is not in use.

  • Turn off ceiling fans when not in use.

  • Open baseboard flaps to fullest level.

  • Keep closet doors open to insure these areas receive heat. ​Although this is not always convenient during occupancy, this greatly reduces the possibility of frozen pipes in unoccupied units by allowing heat into areas without baseboards.

  • Leave open pantry and cupboard doors-especially those under sinks-so heat is accessible to piped areas.

  • Set thermostats to a minimum of 60 degrees prior to and during periods of cold weather.

  • Turn clothes washer feeds off at departure thereby eliminating the posssibility of water damage due to hose failure.


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