Please do not put TVs, appliances, large furniture or mattresses into dumpsters. This type of material can be taken to the local landfill on Dorr Fitch Road or go to for more landfill information.


Recent significant changes in fees and policies at the regional transfer station have required the Board of Directors to amend Seasons’ policies on trash removal. Effective immediately, construction debris, appliances, furniture, curtains, carpeting, etc. will no longer be permitted in the Seasons' dumpsters.


If you are considering renovations to your unit, the Board recommends you require your contractor to make separate arrangements for debris removal. If you replace furniture, TVs, or appliances, please arrange with the supplier to take away the old items when they deliver the new ones. If you are completing renovations yourself, please contact the management office for advice on discarding these items. Additional fees will be required for such work.


Management and your Board of Directors are counting on your voluntary compliance with this new policy. Please remember, our dumpsters are for household trash only.


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