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These Rules have been adopted by the Board of Directors of the Seasons on Mount Snow Condominium Owners Association, Inc. (COA) to govern proposals by Unit Owners to make structural modifications, alterations or improvements to Units and to access and use, for storage space in adjacent Common Areas which would otherwise be inaccessible.The COA supports and wishes to encourage the responsible improvement and updating of Units, provided that the interests of all Units and the COA are protected and the condominium remains compliant with all laws. In furtherance of this goal, the COA is adopting this rule to update procedures for the review of proposals for such work.The use of the common areas for storage is subject to the discretion of the COA and is not a right of any Unit Owner. Regardless of any rights granted, a Unit Owner may not preclude any other Owner from access to Common Areas that would otherwise be accessible to such other Owner. Any rights granted by the COA for the creation of storage areas within Common Areas shall be deemed a license which is revocable by the COA in the event of violations of these rules and/or conditions of approvals. Upon notification from the COA of revocation of such license, the Unit Owner shall be afforded a reasonable period of time to remove any improvements within the Common Area and to re-seal any openings. 



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